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In-Person Clinic Visits are sometimes needed for certain conditions. Oftentimes a more in depth physical exam, more diagnostic tests (see below), or simple human touch are needed to arrive at a more accurate and timely diagnosis. 

My goal is to listen and discuss treatment options in a respectful and thoughtful manner. Plus, our office is welcoming, friendly, and very comfortable. 

Telemedicine Consultations are offered as a convenient option for our patients. Numerous conditions can be diagnosed and treated via our secure telemedicine platform. 

  • Consultation regarding your medical history and your weight loss goals
  • Program cost includes up to 10 weeks of medication Semaglutide - 1 vial - (5mg total)
  • Comfortable office for consultation, weight check, discussion of weight maintenance strategies. 
  • Can help with in person injections (if desired)
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As a designated Homeland Security Civil Surgeon, Dr. Miranda is now performing immigration exams to help satisfy the I-693 requirement. 

Immigration exams are performed during our Tuesday and Thursday afternoon clinic from  11am - 7pm. We speak fluent Spanish and are happy to answer any questions and assist you in any way we can.  Please use our BOOK NOW feature or call to set up an appointment. 

We ask that your bring the following to help facilitate your paperwork:

Government Issued Photo ID

Copy of Immunization or Vaccine Records (including COVID, Flu, Tetanus, MMR, Hepatitis B)

We draw your blood in our office and send to Quest Labs

We will complete the I-693 Form for you

Turn around time is typically less than one week

Proudly serving the Petaluma community.